Excel - Switching Row Foreground Color for each new value

This code permit to switch the text color each time a row have a different value.

Here the column considered for changement is the column "B"


 Sub test()  
   Dim currWCRFCode$  
   Call InitilizeColor  
   currWCRFCode = Range("B2").Value  
   For i = 2 To Range("B65536").End(xlUp).row  
     If (currWCRFCode <> Range("B" & i).Value) Then  
        Call incrementColorIndex  
     End If  
     Call setFont(i)  
     currWCRFCode = Range("B" & i).Value  
   Next i  
 End Sub  

 Private Sub setFont(ByVal row As Long)  
   Rows(row & ":" & row).Select  
    With Selection.Font  
     .color = getColor()  
     .TintAndShade = 0  
   End With  
 End Sub  

 Private Function getColor() As Long  
   getColor = colorsArray(currColorIndex)  
 End Function  

 Private Sub incrementColorIndex()  
   If (currColorIndex = 2) Then  
     currColorIndex = 0  
     currColorIndex = currColorIndex + 1  
   End If  
 End Sub 
 Private Sub InitilizeColor()  
   currColorIndex = 0  
   colorsArray(0) = RGB(0, 0, 0)  
   colorsArray(1) = RGB(152, 14, 138)  
   colorsArray(2) = RGB(28, 152, 14)  
 End Sub  


Excel - Wedding Count Down


I will wed soon and it pass thru my mind that make a countdown in Excel could be a good idea.

Here is How to do it:

  1. Right Click on the Cell and change The Format to
        As you the character with a special meaning has been escaped... (d day, s second, h hour, ....)

2. Add the formula and the 2 dates (Current date is NOW function)

3.It's cool already \yeay/, I have my countdown, except it is not running yet :(
To do that I add an infinite loop who will calculate my formula (In a Macro)

4. Tadaaa